5 injured in Century Link Center bobblehead stampede


Source: gocreighton.com

It was a hectic scene at the Century Link Center on Sunday afternoon for what was supposed to be a beloved day in basketball game giveaway history.

Students waited in line as early as 10 am to claim their free student tickets and Doug McDermott bobbleheads for the Seton Hall matchup, however things went south before the game even began.  Three senior citizens and two intoxicated Seton Hall fans were all rushed to local CUMC Hospital after a stampede broke out in the main student ticket entrance stairwell.

The stampede was apparently started after one raucous fan shouted that they were “running low on the McBuckets dolls.”

“It was as if someone had shouted fire in a movie theatre, the whole line of people quickly began filling in any openings in desperate attempts to reach the front of the massive blue and white crowd and secure the last free bobbleheads in Omaha,” one anonymous fan told the CreightOnion.

The result was a mosh pit of pushing and shoving that some students say they have only witnessed at hard metal shows.

“The stampede we witnessed today was pretty bad, last time I saw someone’s face get stepped on like that I was at Rage Against the Machine.” said Arts & Sciences junior Alec Hinkleman

Some say the beloved dolls will go for hundreds, possibly thousands on eBay if the season turns out right.

Currently there is a variety of rare Creighton men’s basketball sports memorabilia for sale on the web. ¬†One of the most highly valued items being Ethan Wragge’s magic beard trimmings.

The victims of the stampede are all in stable condition with minor peck wounds, cuts and bruises.


A fan photo from the main stairwell
Source: Twitter