$80 worth of alcohol found on Kiewit’s FLP floor

keystoneKiewit Hall – Over 80 Dollars of alcohol was discovered by 9th Floor Resident Advisor James Dell last Thursday in what was one of the most successful Resident Advisor raids this year.

In all, 45 Keystone Lights and a singular bottle of UV Blue were found in freshman Sarah Quinn’s room.

The Center for Student Integrity (CSI) write-up describes it all:

“We stormed the room at 4:45 PM on Thursday and discovered the refrigerator full of alcohol. After receiving a tip from a Kiewit resident that illegal activities were going on inside K-914 we moved into action.  When we first received this tip on Wednesday night we weren’t aware of the severity of situation. This is the largest bust we have had since the weed raid of 2012. It really speaks to how dedicated our 9th floor students are to making sure their classmates don’t drink”.

For her role in the raid, freshman Sarah Quinn was suspended indefinitely from school and work study without pay. She is appealing the suspension.

“I have no idea where the beer came from, the UV Blue was mine, but I don’t even drink beer. I swear someone put it in there to frame me” Quinn claimed during a phone interview from her Fort Dodge home. “I pledged a sorority and the other FLP kids did not take kindly to it. They didn’t want me on their floor anymore because I was a Greek, so they forced me out.”

University officials did not immediately respond to the allegations, but did claim in an interview that “all possible avenues are being explored”.

In regards to Quinn’s claim that she was framed Dell went on to say “My job is not to discern between ‘he said, she said’ my job is to sniff out when my 9th floor kids are up to no good.”