BlueCrew budget slashed, University van replaced with small, clown-like car


When BlueCrew President Mario Sanchez realized that The BlueCrew’s funding was going to be slashed by more then 45% he knew that getting his BlueCrew members to away games was going to pose a challenge.

“At first it came as a shock to me. I mean, we lost almost half our budget. I begged the University for more funding, but the expenses for the men’s basketball team’s private jet spiraled out of control and they had to dip into our budget.” Sanchez said in an interview before the Villanova game.

The BlueCrew had to cut more than half of it’s BirdCage student give-aways and has even had to suspend the administering of Blue and White balloons at halftime. The largest challenge of all came when Creighton made the trip to DePaul and Sanchez had to figure out how to get the BlueCrew there.

carrr“We had no clue how to get 10 college kids to Chicago on such a small budget. We had to get creative. After reviewing all my options, one of the freshman members had the idea to call Avis” Sanchez explained “So after some number crunching… We were able to get a small compact inside our budget, and we all crammed in there.”

University Comptroller Brenda Mavis informed the Creightonion that the budget cuts were hard on everyone.

“Father Lannon had to consider not renewing the lease on his Mercedes. The basketball team almost had to travel to an away game on a compact bus. A bus can you imagine? What happened to BlueCrew was regrettable but we are all hurting in these tough economic times.” Mavis said.