Bluejay accepts job at Gallup, disappointed to learn no horses involved


Gallup’s Riverfront Campus, Omaha – Source: Flickr

Senior marketing major Cooper Preston was eager to hear back from Gallup after having endured a three-month-long interview process for a simple low-paying entry-level position.

However, after accepting the job offer, Preston made the decision to quit because, as he put it, his expectations for the work environment were simply not met.

“There were no stables or even horses of any kind to be found at Gallup.  I thought the name of the company would be indicative of what they do, what kind of animals they might deal with.” Preston said after giving his two weeks’ notice just one week into work.

As it turns out, the company has nothing to do with horses – or animals at all, but everyone knows that.  Cooper was most disappointed to learn that he would have to drive to work rather than ride a horse of his choice of color and breed.

horses1“I was really looking forward to getting my own horse.  I would have taken great care of it.”

Preston blamed the interview process for being deceptive in their limited tour of the building, which gave him the impression there actually might be room for stables.

“I didn’t realize having my own horse to ride and stable at work was such an outlandish request in the year 2014! Businesses need to be more upfront about aspects of employee culture like this!” Preston exclaimed.