Blue Jay Bar and Grill to be acquired by Creighton University

yajAfter successfully annexing the land, Creighton University announces new location of future residence hall.

The spot for the new residence hall will be located where the Blue Jay Bar & Grill currently resides, across the street from Heider Hall.

There is currently no name announced for the new hall, but rumors are speculating that it will be in remembrance to Creighton donor Bobbo.

“It’s a big step in the right direction for the University,” Said Creighton spokesperson Samuel Harris. “Anything we can do to make sure our students have as little fun during their four years here is a good thing.”

Harris later clarified that his statements were meant as a call to action to study, but his tone was questionable.

While the new residence hall will be an exciting addition to the university’s campus — especially to help with the problem in admissions forgetting how many dorm rooms there are — it is unclear how this will effect the future morale of the student population.

The residence hall is said to be complete with a pool, but how can we celebrate that fact in a time of mourning.

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