Creighton Announces Blueline 3

doitAfter the success of BlueLine 2, Creighton’s Department of Information Technologies announced last week they were in the process of building another, more improved version of Blueline to coordinate with the new Outlook 365.

“We are pushing Creighton to the forefront of campus connectivity with the new Blueline 3. It will feature new social media tools, to link up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so that the university and administration can have full access to your posts, tweets and photos.” DoIT rep Ester O’Donnell said.

“We want to enable our students to be in full contact with their teachers at all times. Google hangouts, live tweets, hashtags. It’s all on there,” 63-year-old O’Donnell said .

DoIT department president, and local AARP policy-holder Carl Glover seemed enthused by the new technology developments. “We here at DoIT want to keep up to date on the latest technology and ways of communicating. Using the Internet, we can really keep our students in the know.”
Although it was rumored that BlueLine 3 would have new security software to stop “phishers,” Glover denied that any progress has been made to in regards to the phishing and students will still need to “keep their guard up.”