BOTW #8 – Greek Week Edition

Each week we will feature a book or books that actually exist in the Reinert Alumni Library’s general collection.  The aim of these posts is to inform, generate excitement in the reading communities on campus and also shed light on the library’s extensive collection.  This is the only part of this site where there is no actual parody going on, these are real titles…This month, we celebrate Greek Unity Week on Creighton’s campus as a way to recognize the spirit of service and dedication that active members exemplify in their daily actions.  Above all, it is important to remember that these students are not paid or given any compensation for their efforts, in fact, they pay money just to be involved.  So this one is for you, Greeks, keep paying those dues to upkeep your house that is beyond repair, keep having those outrageous off-campus parties and as always, keep asking non-Greeks “who do you know?”