BREAKING NEWS Peter Goeckner back on campus

OMAHA, Neb. – Today around 1 p.m. notable Phi Delt alum Peter Goeckner was seen on Creighton’s campus. Students were wary at first, convincing themselves it was simply a lookalike clutching a blue Camelback water bottle.

“I did a double take. Didn’t he, like, move to South Korea? But it was him.” said College of Arts and Sciences junior Jack Johnson, who spotted Goeckner in line for Starbucks in the Skutt Student Center.

“It’s pretty exciting. The Welcome Week GroupMe is lit right now.” said College of Arts and Sciences senior Brandon Powers.

It’s uncertain how long Goeckner will be on campus, or even if he’ll be staying stateside come 2019. Whatever the reason, it’s always nice to see a brother back at Creighton