Bowen Jr. promised ‘good job,’ business students enraged

In light of the recent allegations against Creighton for bribing 2017 basketball recruit Brian Bowen, Jr. with $100,000 and “a good job, a lucrative job” post graduation, Heider College of Business students are in an uproar.

“I can’t believe Creighton isn’t doing anything about this scandal,” said a senior Business Analytics and Marketing double major with no post-grad plans. “I mean, I don’t care about the money. $100k is just a few new suits. But the promise of a ‘good job’ post grad? My father is furious.”

“I’ve been busting my ass going to three classes a week for four years now and Creighton is promising these ‘athletes’ the jobs I deserve? I can’t believe they would just hand him the middle-management job at Mutual of Omaha that I’ve worked so hard for.”

Despite potential backlash from the NCAA and FBI, Creighton is worried about the backlash from its business students over this recent information.

Stay tuned to this developing story to see if Creighton is able to manage a more embarrassing bribe than “a good job, a lucrative job” to frenzied business students in order to right their wrong.