Century Link Center considers raising price of beer to $9


The Creighton student section during a men’s bball game (CreightOnion photo)

In an effort to take advantage of the increasingly high numbers of students attending the basketball games for free, the century link center is considering raising the prices of individual cups of beer from $7 to $9.

With the Creighton men’s basketball team operating in what some call, the golden age of bluejay basketball, the student body’s attendance of the games has been staggeringly high compared to other less notable seasons.  This equates to more students attending the games free of charge, and more mouths to fill with expensive intoxicants.

“All you need is a working student ID to get in for free. I bring my friends, neighbors, and relatives using student ID cards of friends that are unable to attend,” an anonymous student source explained.

As of last monday night’s meeting, the Century Link Center’s advising board president, Allen Palpatine, proposed the idea of raising beer prices as a way to maximize profits that would otherwise be claimed through the sales of the tickets given away to students.

“We are finally realizing just how much money we are losing by giving away unlimited student tickets free of charge.  It’s time to take back from those students whose wallets are burning holes in their pockets at our expense.  We all know they have disposable income to spend,” Century Link Center President Palpatine said.

Student Creighton Drinking Club president David Niles verbally opposed the proposition, arguing that lowering the price of individual cups of beer would not increase the number of students attending the games as previously thought, but instead increase the number of students drinking the already overpriced beer at the games.

“Driving the beer prices up will never solve anything. What we need are lower beer prices to encourage students to do less pre-game drinking before they leave their homes or dorms for the games and more drinking at the CLINC,” Niles said.

Other possibilities mentioned to battle the increasingly high numbers of students taking advantage of free tickets include selling full-priced tickets for regular fans (townies) to sit in the existing student section in order to share in the experience of seeing the game from within the student body.  The arena’s board will vote on the proposal at next month’s monday night meeting.