Confused Nebraskans find optimism in humiliating loss



Following Creighton’s embarrassing and despair-inducing exit from this year’s March Madness tournament, Nebraska sports fans were quick to look at the positives, forgoing the reactions of anger, frustration, and sadness that generally accompany such defeats.

“Had you told me back in November they’d earn a 3-seed, I’m not sure I’d have believed it,” one fan said.

Numerous fans shared similar views, agreeing it was a successful season and the team probably left it all on the court.

“Sure, maybe what they left was no more than the bloody, mutilated result of the tournament’s ugliest mauling thus far, but at least they left it on the court,” another smiling fan said.

And no matter how dark the light of public perception may appear, most Nebraskans seem to be at peace with the result.

“To be honest, I had them losing this game in my bracket,” said one levelheaded fan clad in blue.  “Well, one of three brackets.  I had them losing to Nebraska in another.”

Asked how they felt about seeing star player Doug McDermott’s career come to such a brutal and unceremonious end, fans could only express their extreme gratitude.

“I don’t care, man – I don’t care…how the game went, ya know?” claimed one anonymous, graduating senior while double-fisting beers and barely maintaining balance, “Cause four years of this, man — four years of this!”

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But not everyone is so positive. While seniors will graduate collectively basking in having had the privilege to share the campus with an NCAA legend for four years, underclassmen could be heard lamenting the void they’re being left with – a void equivalent to a deflated basketball – one unlikely to be filled.  Ever.

OK, definitely not while they’re enrolled.

Oh well.

With Creighton’s season put to an official and merciless end, Nebraskans have turned their focus elsewhere.  For many, it is towards baseball and football, and for few others, towards “football.”

“At least Husker season is coming up, plus we’ve got the College World Series which is always a hoot,” said one middle-aged fanatic, clearly suppressing the agony that comes with knowing it may be years before Creighton basketball returns to such national prominence.  “And I hear Creighton has a pretty good soccer team too.  I guess that’s cool,” he shrugged.

Several cohorts that had made the journey down to San Antonio from Lincoln cited the Huskers as reason to remain positive.

“You know, I’ll be honest — I didn’t even realize Creighton was in Nebraska until we got here.  It’s all about those Huskers, baby!  Football AND basketball,” stated one fan while pointing to the Huskers much less shameful loss to the same Baylor team.

As fans continued exiting the arena late Sunday night, many could be overheard contemplating topics such as the weather, Texas accents, where to eat and the future of Creighton basketball; which, despite all evidence to the contrary, some still hold out hope for.