Conservative club’s President hides racism behind Halloween costume

In what may prove to be a turning point for the way the University views costumes, a campus club’s president masked racism behind Halloween costume.

This past Friday night Tristan Carousel was seen partying with friends, and people who merely accepted his presence, dressed in Middle Eastern garb.

Some party goers went as far to say he was dressed as a Muslim.

However, some people said the costume was not abnormal or “need to raise alarms”.

“This is just a bunch of liberal [redacted] getting upset over nothing,” said college of Arts and Sciences junior Shirley Harrison. “I expect nothing less of this University, I’ll be sure to let The Blaze know.”

It is unclear what stance the University will take on allowing students in position of power to exhibit signs of racism, but the writers at The Creightonion wait with bated breath.

Carousel was unable to be reached for an interview.