“Creighton Lingo” misses the point

If you are a student at Creighton, the homepage at www.creighton.edu is probably among your highest bookmarked sites.  But have you ever actually browsed around the site’s less trafficked areas to see the extent of the hilarious insights into campus life and culture?  Within the “Students” section on “Culture and Traditions,” there is a wonderful page outlining all of the necessary lingo one needs to know in order to fit right in on campus.  Here is the original list

And here is our list of the same lingo accompanied by some more realistic definitions courtesy of us here at the CreightOnion.  Yes there are plenty that can be added, but we thought it would be best to start with their list of words.  Enjoy.

Creighton Lingo according to the CreightOnion

Beadle: A sophomore your best friend hooked up with who served as a peer leader in your RSP 100

The Bean: The bean-shaped landing pad located between the Skutt Student Center and Kiewit Hall for the takeoff and reentry of Jesuit spacecraft

The ominous Bean

The ominous Bean

Billy Blues Alumni Grill: The only place to (legally) drink on campus

The Bird Feeder: Convenience store in the Harper Center that sells those gnarly gas station hot dogs

BLUE ZONE:  Creighton’s hilarious approach to alcohol education – where the fun stops after .08, driving or not.

Candlelight: Experience Catholicism before electricity at the Candlelight Mass every 10 p.m. on Sunday nights in St. John’s

CSU: What do they do again?

The CreightOnion: Creighton’s student satire newspaper

Decurion: A junior or senior student your other best friend hooked up with who serves as a peer academic leader, instructing students with the Faculty Preceptor in RSP 100

Faculty Preceptor: The faculty member that teaches your RSP 100 that you always hate running into on campus

FanAttic: The overpriced spirit shop in the Harper Center Bookstore; It’s where students go to GET BLUE!  No breathing allowed

FitNest: That exercise facility in the Harper Center where all the hot chicks go

Hilltoppers:  Creighton’s original mascot?

IRHG: Inter Residence Hall Government, the shadow corporation behind those obnoxious displays in your dorm lobbies

Creighton University's Skinner Mall

Creighton University’s Skinner Mall

The KFC: The Kiewit Fitness Center, where no fried chicken is served

The Mall: The newly renovated Skinner Mall extends from Gallagher Hall to Morrison Soccer Stadium, no shopping but plenty to check out (that ratio tho…)

Neutral Zone (NZ): The area of each floor where kids with no friends hang out

NSO: New Student Orientation? I guess “welcome week” didn’t last