Creighton men’s swim team star breaks YMCA lap records

ymca2In an amazing feat of athleticism, one member of the Creighton University men’s swim team has single handedly broken all three of the local omaha YMCA pool’s lap records.

With shockingly quick times for the “there-and-back” record, the “to the wall in one breath” record, and the “there-and-back twice” record, senior exercise science major Luke Hamil has certainly made his mark in competitive swimming history by wiping out all three previous names on the local Y’s wall of champions.

“I couldnt believe I actually was able to pull of a three-peat defeat of the previous records.  I have been working towards this moment my whole career.” Hamil explained.

swimWhat is even more remarkable is that Hamil was able to do so by only practicing three times a week at the local Y due to the current emptiness of Creighton’s own KFC pool.

“Ya know, it is a funny thing [competitive swimming] first it’s the local YMCA, next I could be swimming, well, maybe in the Century Link Center next to Michael Phelps one day!” Hamil said.

The previous record holders were apparently homeless men living out of the local community center and could not be reached for comment on their tragic and sudden dethroning.