CU Basketball recruit declines scholarship over lack of pool


Recruit LaMichael Ruiz was born and raised on the beaches of Los Angeles.

He cut his teeth playing on the blacktops of Venice Beach and California skateparks. One of the biggest reasons Ruiz is able to stay in such great shape as as a basketball player is his mixture of running, playing and swimming. A mixture he claims makes him “one of the most lethal back court guards in America.”

Ruiz, a senior at Salesian Catholic High School in L.A. is an ESPN top 100 recruit and one of the most coveted guards in the class of 2014. He has received offers from schools like  USC, San Diego State Texas and Nebraska. Up until last week, he was leaning heavily towards becoming a Bluejay. That was until his campus visit last Tuesday.

Ruiz explained that the tour was going great. He spoke very highly of Coach McDermott, the food in Brandies and the new business school facilities (Ruiz wants to study finance).  The visit was going extremely well until he discovered that there was no operational pool at Creighton.

greg“They showed off their new buildings, the stadium, the trophy case full of Doug’s awards… But when I asked where the pool was, the AD seemed at a loss.” Ruiz explained via phone. “I liked Creighton a lot, but they tried to tell me some nonsense about swimming at the YMCA. Dawg, I can’t swim at the YMCA.”

When asked where he would accept a scholarship instead Ruiz said “I got offers from schools that had 3 or 4 pools. Hell, USC has a wave pool. If I go to San Diego State at least I can continue to swim in the ocean. I don’t know where I’ll end up. The University of Nebraska’s pool was pretty sweet. Maybe I’ll ball there.”

The athletic office offered an official response.

“We regret that Mr. Ruiz will not be accepting his scholarship at Creighton and wish him the best of luck in his search for the right fit.”