Former students discover love after finding each other on the Banned & Barred List


“It’s unexplainable but it looks like true love,” said a Public Safety representative.

College of Arts and Sciences students, Scott Weber and Sandy Wood decided to meet each other at Blue Jay Bar & Grill for a first date after discovering they have common interests, such as assault and theft from dorm rooms.

“When I saw her Creighton Student ID picture paired next to the reasons she was expelled I just knew she was the one,” said Weber.

Weber was released in October due to an argument with his former roommate that lead to assault. Public Safety stepped in before the exchange turned even worse as Public Safety officials said, “Weber was seen with his Boy Scout pocket knife in hand.”

It is unclear what the two were arguing about, but eyewitnesses claim Weber was stealing from his roommate since Welcome Week orientation.

Wood was recently placed on the Banned & Barred List in April, due to resisting an attempted C.A.R.E. and documented theft from neighboring dorm rooms. Both students’ respective thefts occurred in Kiewit Hall.

“At least I can be put on the same list as former basketball players and other popular kids,” said Wood the night she was banned and barred from campus.

“I’m not mad at the university,” said Wood. “How could I be? They brought [Weber and I] together and we’ve never been happier.”

The new couple said they have no plans for the future but are currently looking to take up residence in nearby apartment buildings as their parents have kicked them out of their homes.