Freshman trapped in RAL’s new movable shelving


(CreightOnion Photo)

“It was the most terrifying 45 minutes of my life.”

“My face was crammed in the bookcase next to a copy of “Don Quixote” and my torso was stuck between the Classic literature and Communications Studies bookcases. I was worried no one was ever going to find me,” Freshman Jamie Benewick told the Creightonion after a harrowing rescue by Public Safety Officer #12.

The incident began Sunday night after Benewick, a freshman from Dallas, stumbled into the already moving bookcase.

“I was hunting for a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice.’  I tapped the button to move the cases, and slipped on my shoelace.” Benewick said between tears. ‘The next thing I knew, I was stuck alone in the Library basement and the lights turned off. My feet were jammed and no matter how loud I screamed, no one heard me. They must have had headphones in.”

Library Representative Maureen Simms was horrified when she learned of the trapped student.


(CreightOnion Photo)

“These shelves have motion sensors on the bottom. The sensors clearly malfunctioned and Ms. Benewick was the unfortunate victim,” Simms said while the Maintenance dismantled the malfunctioning case.

“We were just lucky Public Safety Office #12 was there making the rounds when he did or Ms. Benewick may have been stranded down there all night.”

Public Safety officer #12 was not available for comment – by the time CreightOnion reporters made it to the scene, he was already back in his CRV to patrol the Parking Lots.