Freshmen identified in IRHG Lottery hack

Freshman computer science majors Robert Rossi and Martin Jacobson have been identified in an unlawful campus security breach after the two tried to cheat the IRHG’s electronic housing placement program in an attempt to live in the Heider penthouse next year.

The breach was discovered on Friday afternoon just hours after the lottery took place, but it was not until Sunday morning when Public Safety’s Internet Crime Office was able to evaluate the findings more closely.

According to a joint statement released by members of DoIT and the Head of Public Safety’s Internet Crime Office, “The backdoor program the freshman used not only put them near the front of the list for selection times, but also eliminated all restrictions on the selection’s typically limited location of the room on campus.”

heiderIRHG representative Matthew Aslawn explained how the suspicion of foul play began, “I was skimming through the first few pages of results on the monitor and I noticed a discrepancy where it listed two freshman as the next residents for the twelfth floor room in Heider. ┬áThe only room up there is Ft. Lannon’s penthouse.”

Although it has not been discussed where the boys will end up living, IRHG is discussing putting the freshman boys back in Kiewit for their sophomore year as a form of punishment.

Father Lannon was not available for comment, but his office did say he had no intentions of sharing his penthouse with any students anytime soon.