Gifford Park residents call to “bring back the drug dealers”

Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

Some residents of the Gifford Park Neighborhood are speaking out about parties in their neighborhood getting out of hand, namely one that took place Friday night.

Mike, a resident who has lived in the neighborhood for nearly twenty years said, “Our neighborhood used to be filled with drug dealers. Since they have moved out, things have only gotten worse.”

“Having to put up with the noise of parties for up to eight days a year is definitely harder on us. I would call to bring back the drug dealers to Gifford Park,” said Mike. “At least I could sleep in peace at night, knowing they would be quietly dealing and using drugs.”

“What we have learned is that the only thing worse than drug dealers is college students who are drinking underage.”

John, another resident who has lived in the neighborhood for twelve years, was also upset.

“I couldn’t sleep because I had to make sure that I stayed up to catch everything on video,” John said.

“We have to deal with loud parties for nearly three days at the beginning of the school year, and then seven months later, we have to deal with it again for St. Patrick’s Day!”

Other neighbors were not as concerned, “I feel much safer walking through the park at night knowing that there is probably a group of college kids who could hear me scream and come help if needed.”

Regardless of the illegal activity, Gifford park is proud of how it treats its collegiate members.

“We are proud of being a neighborhood that forgets the joys of youth and politely disregards the good college students bring,” an anonymous member said.

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