Native Iowan baffled at sight of first Hawaiian

hawaiianThe great state of Iowa is popular for its cold winters, repetitive landscapes and humongous truck stops.  Simply put, Iowa has everything to offer.   

The state’s attractive qualities, however, do encourage a somewhat isolationist attitude among the state’s natives.  Today, fewer and fewer Iowans than ever find themselves capable of leaving the wonderful state.

“I’ll tell ya, leaving home was the hardest thing I have ever done, even harder than killing my favorite cow after she got sick,” Creighton freshman and Iowa native David Desmerziak said.

As an Iowan, Desmerziak experienced the pain and difficulty of finally leaving his beloved home state by deciding to come to Creighton.  After just one week at school in Omaha, Desmerziak was baffled to learn of the existence of Hawaii and its native people.

cow1“I had never heard about Hawaii before, let alone seen a real Hawaiian up close,” Desmerziak said.  “They are such a positive people, I did not know such happiness could be found outside of Iowa.”

While confused at first by his apparently narrow worldview, Desmerziak has since submersed himself within Hawaiian culture on campus by joining every club related to the state’s customs and lifestyle.  His hopes are that he can show his new friends the magic of snowball fights and truck stop cinnamon buns.