JMC student mistakes new Apple Mac Pro for garbage can

macpro2“Garbage in, garbage out,” as graphic design teacher Tim Guthrie would say.

A singular banana peel as well as a half-drank Green Mountain french roast coffee were found stuffed inside the top of one of the Journalism, Media and Computing (JMC) department’s new Apple Mac Pro desktop computers after a student mistook it for a garbage receptacle.

“What can I say? They do kind of look like cute, little trash cans.” senior public relations major Erin Rizzo said after learning of her mistake.  “I know what you are thinking – ‘ wow she must not be a computer person,’ but I think others could have made the mistake just as easily.”

Luckily for the department, Guthrie demanded scheduled dustings of the new machines and all included components to ensure their survivability through harsh student working conditions such as these.  Rizzo’s mistakenly-placed rubbish was found just minutes after being stuffed into the machine’s top opening.


Garbage can-like opening

“We need to implement stricter policies about food in the computer labs,” Guthrie said, “I do not think a quick pat-down on your way into class would be asking anything too extreme.”

The University was weary of purchasing computers that so closely resembled trash cans for this exact reason, however the JMC department insisted they needed the futuristic-looking machines in order to teach the most updated software.