Department of Fine & Performing Arts announces “McBuckets” the musical

musicalThe Creighton Department of Fine & Performing Arts announced Monday morning their plans to make the fall production an autobiographical musical based on the life of Doug McDermott.

The show McBuckets: The Doug McDermott Story follows the humble upbringing, embarrassing high school years and of course, the recent collegiate success of Doug McDermott, all told from the narrative point of view of Greg McDermott.

Playwright Teddy West explained where he got the inspiration for this phenomenal idea.

“I was waiting in line for a bobblehead earlier this season, when I realized that Doug was the universally beloved figure I needed for my play.  What better way to capture that essence and greatness than with a theatrical musical?” West said.

One of the biggest problems facing the casting of the production is going to be finding the proper Doug. The 6-foot-8-inch senior is an imposing figure. Finding a doppelganger who can sing and dribble a basketball simultaneously that also resembles Doug is a tall order to fill, but the production heads are confident they can find the right actor.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.32.52 PM“We are attempting to convince Nick McDermott, Doug’s older brother, into enrolling at Creighton specifically for the role. We suspect that with him being the most vertically inclined of the McDermotts, he might also have a tremendous singing voice.  We are confident that with the proper coaching and training, he could be a perfect fit for the role of Doug onstage,” legendary director Boris Windenhorse said.

“Even if we can’t convince Nick to give it a shot, one of the extremely talented actors in the Creighton acting community will step up to the role without much issue. As it stands, the character of Doug doesn’t actually have too much dialogue,” Windenhorse added.

The story itself is said to be a mixture of High School Musical and White Men Can’t Jump.

“We want to paint the picture of a player who was constantly thought to be too small and not exciting enough – a player many people wrote off.  This isn’t so much a musical about his achievements in sports as it is a heartwarming story about shooting for the stars and dreaming big,” West said.

The play, which is set to open in October, will host an open casting call in the first week of May.  All those interested should pick up a copy of the tryout song “Roll Jays (Reprise)” from the Lied Center for the Arts, or request one via email from Mr. Windenhorse directly.