‘National Treasure 3’ to be shot in CU tunnels

natlLos Angeles- Walt Disney pictures announced plans today to shoot scenes for the upcoming Nicolas Cage blockbuster “National Treasure deep in the Creighton tunnels that run under campus.

“Jerry Bruckheimer Productions, The Walt Disney Company and Jon Turtletaub Films are extremely happy to announce they will to be shooting scenes for the upcoming Nicolas Cage thriller ‘National Treasure 3: The Final Treasure’ in Omaha. We are very excited to be shooting on location at the long un-filmed Creighton Tunnels,” a Walt Disney representative said Wednesday.

The films will take place during the summer of 2014 while classes are out of sessions to avoid scheduling conflicts with the academic year. The rumored plot of the film is said to follow Nicolas Cage’s dashing hero Benjamin Gates on a quest to steal all of Warren Buffets gold.

cage2“I’m like SUPER stoked to shoot in Omaha.” Cage said via phone interview. “Like, once in a while Jerry (Bruckheimer) throws an idea out there… And I’m like YES! He called me last Tuesday and said ‘Nic, I found the Tunnels we need, we’re going to Omaha. They have them at this cult school there.’ Man, you Catholics and your tunnels.”

The Creighton tunnels are a bit of an urban legend on campus. Many claim to have been in them, some going so far as to say they broke a school rule or two while inside. This is the first University endorsed filming to ever take place in their depths.