New polls show 30 percent of students in RAL actually watching Netflix

Never feel like you’re the only one again.

Our latest research shows 30 percent of students in Reinert Alumni Library are actually just watching Netflix.

This number spikes to 60 percent during midterms and 65 percent during finals.

“I mean, sure I’ve been watching for two hours now, but it’s just a break from studying,” said a sophomore so sleep deprived we couldn’t tell if his eyes were actually open.

This study has been a long time coming. We first launched the investigation after noticing what a good place the library was to watch Netflix ourselves after being introduced to it by fellow students.

“Dude, you just gotta sit in one of those chairs, third floor by the window, and turn on some Gossip Girl. You’ll forget all about how you won’t be pre-med after your next chem test,” said junior Dan Hendro.

“It’s honestly a relief, I would rather be watching Netflix than studying anyway, and college is about discovering what you really like, right?”