New sorority girl changes Instagram bio in record time

Instagram bios were changed all over campus Sunday morning as potential new members received their bids into sororities. But this year, it was faster than ever.

“I downloaded the Greek keyboard last night so I would be ready as soon as I opened my bid card,” said freshman Nicole Smith.

“Once I opened it, my Rho Mu tried to hug me, but I pushed her away and grabbed my phone. I had more important business to tend to than celebration.”

Smith quickly added the Greek letters to her Instagram bio, in a record 2.1 seconds.

“I had a good feeling I would get the sorority I wanted, but I was wrong so that’s why it took me a while. I had the three letters ready to copy and paste but had to change them when I didn’t get the bid I was expecting, which is why I had to keep my followers waiting for that extra second,” explained Smith.

Smith said she wasn’t even sad that she didn’t receive the expected bid, rather she was excited to be able to change her bio regardless.