Phi Psis find evidence of house’s history as funeral home

phisiWednesday night’s chapter meeting turned into a scene from a horror movie for two new members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

Garret Yuter and Jeffery Mergara didn’t realize that pledging a fraternity would entail finding full coffins in the basement of their fraternity house.  However, the two stumbled upon a decades-old casket beneath some old bed sheets in the back room under the basement stairs.

“We were looking for a plunger to fix the basement toilet when we found this giant, rotting brown box.  Then I realized, this was no box – it was a casket…” Yuter said.coffin

Mergara described the terror he experienced as he and Yuter peeked inside.

“The smell…the smell, was just awful.  We tried to keep it together, but I must have puked like four times.” Mergara said.

The two recent pledges of the Phi Psi fraternity contacted the local coroner to have the body removed and identified.  It is still unclear how or why the casket was left in the fraternity house’s basement.

The funeral home director that used to own the house and surrounding property was unavailable for comment, and has apparently been missing for some time.