‘Recruitment SZN’ comes to end, new Phi Delts seen inhabiting Skutt stairs

Recruitment season is officially over, ladies and gents.

How do we know?

The surplus of girls wearing sorority shirts from 2008 clearly passed down as a “welcome” gift and the return of frat boys drinking publicly rather than alone in their homes are good indicators.

But the biggest clue the season is over? The new Phi Delts lingering by the Skutt stairs.

It’s no secret the Table is the preferred hang out spot for members of Phi Delt to compliment each other on their patagonias and good grades, but it seems the pledges haven’t quite earned the spot among their soon-to-be brothers.

“They didn’t like explicitly tell us we couldn’t go within three feet of the table until initiation, if that’s what you’re implying,” a nervous new member who begged us not to say his name told the CreightOnion.

“It’s better this way anyway. By being so close to the Table, we can learn how to act when we finally get the nerve to sit there. I’m so excited for that day,” he continued.

While we are a little bummed we don’t get to hear about sorority girls locked in rooms crying together or see fraternities try and host cook-outs in 15 degree weather for another 11 months, we’re happy to announce that seeing the new pledges nervous to sit at the Phi Delt table is a sure sign that recruitment season is officially over.