Senior uses old ticket as working parking pass

parkCreighton arts & sciences senior Tom Baczewski decided against purchasing the outrageously expensive student parking pass at the beginning of his final fall semester at Creighton University.

“At first I thought I could just get away with parking wherever the hell I wanted to, but Officer #12 had it out for me,” Baczewski said.

After receiving a ticket early this fall, Baczewski mistakenly left the ticket stuck under his windshield wipers because he had no real intention of paying it whatsoever.

“I’ve gotten tickets from Pub Safe before, this wasn’t my first rodeo,” Baczewski said.

However, after realizing he had left the ticket on his car throughout the following day, and returned to his vehicle after class without being issued a new ticket, he witnessed the genius of his mistaken improvisation.


(CreightOnion Photo)

“I just left the ticket on my car and went to class, business as usual…but when I got back it was still there and I had not been issued a fresh one,” Baczewski said.

It seems that Public Safety officers are both too careless to check if the ticket on the windshield was an old ticket as well as too compassionate to issue two tickets to the same car in a single day.

“I used that September 8th ticket for months and never even had to bother with purchasing a parking pass,” Baczewski said.

Baczewski’s ’92 Camry has since been booted at Gallagher Circle after he left it there “real quick” to grab “Late Night.”