Skutt Student Center celebrates 26th Anniversary

The Student Activities Office is throwing a 26th anniversary party to celebrate Skutt’s 26th year as a building.

“Nothing makes us happier than throwing a birthday party for a building” said CSU representative Matthew Phillips. “Skutt Student Center is one of the most beloved buildings on campus, we cannot wait to celebrate its big 26 in style.”

Festivities are said to include a 26,000 balloon drop from the ceiling, ice sculptures in the shape of Skutt and fire dancers flown in from Hawaii.

Some students expressed their frustration towards the allocation of school funding for yet another extravagant birthday party for a Creighton building.

skutt“If we throw every building on campus a birthday party, isn’t that a bit of waste, I mean they’re buildings, it’s not like they have feelings, right?” said junior English major Rachel Williams.

CSU defended the decision, stating “We feel it is important to recognize our buildings’ birthdays. We don’t want any of our buildings feeling unimportant or unused. This is the only way to ensure that,” Phillips explained.

When asked about the cost of the party Phillips only had this to say “it is well within CSU’s and SAO’s budget to have this party.”