Snow and ice challenge campus commute

Public Safety issued a Spring Weather Advisory to the Creighton community on Monday morning after Omaha was hit with an unexpected storm covering roads in dangerous amounts of ice, sleet and snow.

“I think it is safe to say that no one expected this much accumulation, not even CUPS (Creighton University Public Safety).  In fact, we had already put the plows away for the winter.  I had to use my SUV to pick up professors with small cars today and let me tell you, the roads were a nightmare.” Officer #12 said.

Even with the dangerous mixture of ice, sleet and snow on the ground the administration refused to call for a snow day.

“We here at the administration felt the roads were fine,” Jesuit Marco Royce said on Monday morning. “On my daily walk from the Jesuit living quarters to Creighton Hall I saw no evidence of any dangerous amounts of snow or ice,” he concluded.

Royce has been in charge of campus scheduling and snow day decision-making all year, even though he lives on campus.

Student outrage with the decision to have classes today was a topic of discussion all over campus as many voiced their frustrations encountered on the journey to school via social media.

“I saw four wrecks on Dodge this morning, one of them involving a Creighton Student.  You’re telling me that we couldn’t cancel class until the roads were safe?” Senior Meghan Morris said on Facebook.

Junior Carmen Jimenez shared Morris’ anger with the difficult commute.

wintercar“I live on 49th and Chicago.  I am not even close to being on the shuttle route. When I started my car this morning, it drifted down the hill I live on.  It took me 20 minutes to get it going and by that time, I was late for class and may have ruined my cars suspension. Now I can’t get to school for the rest of the week and lost those valuable participation points.”

The hashtag #SnowJay was trending on Twitter late Sunday night and into Monday morning as students prepared for what could have been a possible snow day.

“I wouldn’t have gotten as drunk last night had I known” said Freshman Caleb Freeman. “We were planning on spending the snow day at the Jay. Now I have to go to class hungover.”

Although CUPS was reluctant to admit outright that the administration probably should have cancelled school, Public Safety Officer #12 did admit that the roads were questionable to drive on.

“I would recommend taking the shuttle if you can. I realize 70% of the students actually don’t live on the route but I still advise it as the best way to get to campus on days like this,” Officer #12 said.