Sodexo surprise shocks Jesuit cafeteria

thediceJesuits, angered after a delivery error that placed Brandeis food in their cafeteria, voiced open ridicule of Sodexo food on Monday.

“People don’t actually eat this food, do they?” Fr. James Perrucci said, “I am quite upset over the switch.  Today was supposed to be Maine Lobster, we got Missouri River Cod instead.  It was disgraceful.”

Sodexo representative and Creighton Dining chairperson Maureen Puget said “We are extremely sorry for the mistake and take full responsibility. The food we serve to Creighton students should never touch the Jesuits’ lips. We are working very hard to fix this mistake to ensure the Jesuits are never served the same food as the students ever again.”

While many students took this as an opportunity to demand change, Creighton dining was quick to defend the food they serve in dining halls across campus.

sodexo“Just because the Jesuits get their own private dining hall with better food, free beer, Starbucks Coffee and Coca-Cola products does not mean the students are entitled to rioting on the mall. The food we serve to students is edible in 48 of 50 states and we are proud to serve it.” said Puget.

Father Perrucci explained why the issue was such a problem for the Jesuit Community.

“We are men of God. Serving us the same food as students just makes no sense.  We took an oath in front of God to work for the betterment of our students and our world. We can’t do that without high quality food, plenty of alcohol and of course, caffeine.”