Still unclear which Creighton basketball player turned pro is the most average

Creighton_Bluejays_men's_basketball_playing_(Qwest_Center,_Omaha,_2007)It has been an exciting year for Creighton basketball projays, from Kyle Korver almost joining the ranks of Zaza Pachulia in earning a championship ring, Doug McDermott winning a game of horse, and Anthony Tolliver played a game.

Despite the rise in popularity for our projays, it is still hard to decide which one is the most average.

At first it seems that Kyle Korver is the clear contender for being above average due to his accomplishment of reaching the NBA finals; however, it’s clear that superhuman LeBron James carried him and the rest of the Cavs.

Although he’s great in 2k.

Next we have Doug, who despite having the second best three point percentage in the league at 53.8 is in a similar position to Korver by being carried by rightful league MVP Russell Westbrook.

It’s almost as if being in a group project and letting other people do the work actually pays off.

Worth pointing out that McDermott would have been way ahead of his peers in terms of being above average if he had stayed with the Denver Nuggets solely for the chance of calling him Dougie McNuggets.

Finally there is Anthony Tolliver whose most honorable contribution to NBA headlines recently is the fact that the Sacramento Kings waived his contract on his birthday. Awkward.

Thankfully year 2020 league MVP Justin Patton will right all wrong for Bluejays hoping to make an impact in the NBA.