Student showed up to class without work, blames wifi outage

“It shouldn’t matter that I live off campus and could’ve done my homework at home, the wifi was down on campus so nothing should be due,” said junior arts and sciences student Jim Taylor.

Taylor confidently strolled into class yesterday morning without his 10 page paper that his professor is claiming he “didn’t even need the internet for.”

“It was a reflection paper on how the semester’s been going. He didn’t need wifi at all.”

But Taylor, who prefers to type his assignments on GoogleDocs, claimed he needed wifi not only to write it but also to look up how to write a reflection.

“I’m pre-med. And my professor thinks I just know how to write a reflection? That’s some philosophy or english major shit. I can’t believe I’m being blamed for this,” said Taylor.

Since the wifi has been back up for over 24 hours, Taylor claims he’s completed “just a few” of his remaining assignments from the weekend.

“I don’t wanna go too crazy and do them all, that would be dumb. Wifi out might not have worked as an excuse for my Monday/Wednesday classes, but my Tuesday/Thursday professors will for sure buy it.”