The 10 Best Places to Cry on Campus

10. Hammock – Whether you want to cry out in the open or in a tucked away spot, there’s a hammock for every tear-filled occasion.

9. Your dorm room – There’s nothing better than the privacy of your own space and having to crawl down from your lofted bed for more tissue. Fingers crossed your roommate doesn’t come in!

8. Communal bathroom – If you wait until you’re in the shower and the water’s running, no one will even know.

7. Jesuit gardens – Loses points because a Jesuit may come up and ask you what’s wrong, which is just straight up uncomfortable. But there’s nothing better than being one with nature and getting to cry, right?

6. Any classroom set up like an auditorium – Want to feel like there’s a crowd of people encouraging you to let it out? Find a classroom with a lot of empty chairs, sit at the desk at the front and cry your little heart out to your imaginary fans.

5. Mid-Level Skutt bathroom – Somehow this place is almost always empty or being cleaned. Either way, a great place to cry. Wipe your tears with toilet paper though, the paper towels are painful.

4. Criss II – Chances of anyone finding you here are low as no one knows where the fuck this building even is.

3. Brandeis – Few things go better together than eating and crying. Shove your face with some ice cream, it’ll help.

2. The library – Odds you’re the only one crying in here? Very low, join the club.

1. Right in front of skutt on the mall – embrace your sadness and let everyone see it. Hell, you might even encourage another student to have a breakdown, too!