Third student called on ‘agrees with what everyone else has said’

“Everyone had already said it,” said Justin Peters, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences.

“By the time the professor got to me, I didn’t have anything to add. It’s hard not being one of the first to speak up, but I’m proud of my contribution of agreement with what my peers had said. A lot of people tell me affirmation is important, and I really thinking I’m giving that to my classmates.

Peters was called on after two other students in an intro level ethics class had been called on.

Both had made simple observations of the text and briefly shared their own thoughts, but that didn’t stop Peters from simply nodding in agreementĀ  and saying, “they said it all.”

When The Creightonion reached out to the professor whose class this incident happened in, the professor said he was too frustrated with the lack of participation and original ideas in his class.