Upperclassmen rally to eliminate school on March 17th

st. paddy'sIn a show of class unity, juniors and seniors rallied outside Creighton Hall in an attempt to pressure the administration into cancelling school for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. This comes months after student unrest due to having to go to class on Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Rally organizer Connor Teller told The CreightOnion in an exclusive interview that the rally was an attempt to get some of the federal holidays that had been “stolen” in the past back.

“We have had our federally granted days stolen from us by the administration. They have disrespected veterans and the memory of Dr. King and we want them to answer for their theft,” Teller said.  “For the last four years, I haven’t been able to celebrate a single Veteran’s Day with my family in Lincoln because Creighton doesn’t give us the day off. My Grandfather who served in WWII wanted me to transfer when he found out.”

University Official Monica Greyson who is the school’s scheduler did not respond to our calls, but said in an open email to the upper classmen that “having class on federal holidays was a choice made by the administration years ago and that no changes to the schedule would be made in the near future.”

Father Ray Cantelore S.J. had this to say while walking to lunch in the exclusive Jesuit Lounge:

“Their request to have St. Patrick’s Day off is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by Creighton Student to have a University endorsed drinking holiday”. Cantelore has been a Jesuit at Creighton for over 6 years and does not remember Creighton celebrating Veterans Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day at any point in the time he has been here. “These students have one job… to show up to class.”

The rally went on for over an hour and more than 75 students are thought to have participated with many showing their support on Twitter. #RespectOurHoliJays has been a fixture on twitter for most Creighton students since early November when most students realized Veteran’s Day would once again not be celebrated.

“even if they don’t cancel class for St. Patty’s Day I’m not going. #RespectOurHoliJays”   @May_TheDesteroyer

“Creighton have already disrespected our veterans and African Americans. Are the Irish next? #RespectOurHoliJays” @TellHerWassup

Father Lannon in rumored to be weighing his own opinions in response to the student backlash over this neglected holidays. An official University response to the rally is expected later this week.