Why develop a personality when you can just buy more laptop stickers?

With stickers becoming more and more popular and sites like redbubble.com on the rise, Creighton has seen a drastic drop off of students with well-developed personalities. “It started as just a way to decorate my planner and my water bottle, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to put stickers on my laptop,” said sophomore student. While these stickers may seem meaningless to a mere outsider, the importance of stickers is unmatched to these students adorning their belongings. “I’ve just never seen anything that expressed everything important to me as well as this palm tree, the sticker from the island in Florida my boyfriend went to last month, and the ‘future is female’ sticker,” said junior Lilly Jones. In lieu of conversations about important topics, or even things as simple as their days or classes, students have been overheard simply talking about what sticker order will best complete their aesthetics.